Hey guys sorry I haven’t blogged for a while


I love holiday it is a place to adventure and have fun, when I was little we would stay in a motorhome and I wouldn’t sleep up top so my dad would have to.


But me and my sister had always wanted to break a bone because everyone had already broken a bone, also you got crutches.


Now that I have broken a bone I can tell you that it should not be on your bucket list and that it is painful.  All my family are treating me like I am pathetic and I miss going to play with all my friends.


If you have any tips on this it would be appreciated.


Thank you

Girlbloggerxoxo xxxxxxx




Bucket List

When u think about the future and what u want to do I think of my bucket list.

  1. The first thing on my bucket list is to high five the statue of liberty

Image result for statue of liberty

2. Send a message to someone in a bottle

Image result for send a mesage in a bottle

3. Sleep under the stars

Image result for sleep under the stars

4. Learn Karate properly

Image result for learn karate

5. Kiss someone on New Years Eve

Image result for kiss someone on new years eve

6. Go to a huge concert

Image result for go to a gig

7. Be brave and be the real me being proud

Image result for be brave and just be me

Image result for be you


Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time I will do more

Girlbloggerxoxo xxxxxxx



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Hey Guys


Everyone has fears right, some people don’t like snakes or spiders but some people are scared of their past like if they were in a fire or a car crash (not that this has ever happened to me).


But my fears are planes (ik it sounds silly) but when I was little my Mum told me a story about a lady who was allergic to nuts and someone opened a packet of nuts and the lady had a shock and the shock killed them.


This terrifies me because I am allergic to nut, this is why I am scared of death because who knows what happens when u die, I am scared that nothing will happen and u will be forgotten. When I was eight my grandad died and I am scared that I will loss the people I love.


The worst thing about planes is that there are so many people. I hate it when u get in an argument with ur friends and the argument ant the rest of the class crowds round and surrounds me, it makes me feel like I can’t breathe. Also I hate when the teacher asks u to read something out in class it makes me feel like my throat closes up and my words come out in a jumble.


What about u?


What are ur worst fear comment below and I will give u my advice.


                Girlbloggerxoxo xxxxx


New Things

Image result for New ThingsJust from my last blog my email is

Today I want to talk about new thing like:

  • A new coat
  • A new pair of shoes
  • A new school
  • A new best friend
  • New forms

Well they can be scary and now I am about to go through a new stage of my life.

So basically I have just started secondary school and I have had people being mean to me so at the new start of the term I am moving forms this means that I have to go through the stage of making new friends again. But the worst thing is that the people who were being mean to me now are going to bully someone else so I feel sad for whoever that would be.

If anyone else if going through something like this then comment below and if anyone has advice for me please also comment. Thanx.

On my comments someone ask for some basic info so I am twelve years old and I am in year 7, I live in the UK and I can speak French, Spanish, English, German and learning Russian. If there is anything else u wants to know comment.


Thanks Girlblogger xxxxx

Easter Lent

Image result for Easter Lent Heyy Guys

So I was thinking what to write and then I realised that it was lent so I was wondering what u guys gave up. I started to think about what I gave up and then I realised that I didn’t, well I haven’t eaten as much chocolate, I have been nicer to my friends but I wasn’t committed to one thing so I have decided that I am going to walk to school every day next term and I will try to lay low on chocolate. In the comments below post what u guys gave up?

If you are like me and didn’t commit to something say what u are going to do. But obviously tomorrow doesn’t count on my chocolate break.

Thanx for reading my last post and commenting if u haven’t then please read it and say what u think.


Thank Girlblogger xxxxx


(If u want to contact me I am uploading my email)  Cause this is only my second blog if u have any advise please comment below.

My First Blog

Image result for my first blog       Heyy guys

This is my first blog, I have decided to start a blog so that I can talk to u about things that I can’t talk to friends, family or teachers about. Because of that I don’t want people I know to see what I am writing so I have made it anonymous, only my sister and my best friend knows. I want to be able to talk freely on this like a part of the internet where people can be honest.

To be honest I didn’t know what to write so of course I turned to the internet usually it is very useful but all I got was this:

  • Who are u
  • Why are u blogging
  • What my blogs will be about
  • How to do Feedback
  • How to contact me
  • Who I am

Most of these would be breaking my rule about being anonymous but I will be blogging about teenagers’ girls’ problems, if u want to ask questions or give me any suggestion on what to blog put it in the comment box below. Even though my blog is anonymous u can contact me through instatgram http\\ @Girlbloggerxoxo.

That is all I guess so thanx for reading (that is if anyone was).  Please comment below or like so I know that u have read my blog.

Girlbloggerxoxo     xxxxx

If anyone has Instatgram comment below and I will follow and I will DM u.